Cluster FLEET Dresden

Institut für Angewandte Photophysik (IAPP)

The Institute for Applied Photophysics at the Technical University Dresden is an active research institute in the field of organic electronics. During the last years several efficiency records for OLED and OPV could be achieved and several prizes were awarded. In the context of encapsulation the IAPP aims to link its knowledge of device technology and physics with the physics of permeation and water vapor barriers. The IAPP investigates barrier technologies and integration in combination with device physics and lifetimes.


  • Device Physics of OLED and OPV
  • Device manufacturing by vacuum deposition of small molecules Doping technology for organic semiconductors Water vapor permeation measurements


Setup for multiple parallel measurement of water vapor transmission rate by using the electrical Calcium Test Lifetime measurement setups for OPV and OLED devices Manufacturing and characterization for organic optoelectronic devices and materials